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Stock 302

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Stock 302

For this page I've been looking to find some pages that just talk about the care and feeding of a stock 302/289 in a Bronco. I know the old timing chains with the fiber gears were definately not a "Better Idea" and are prone to go since mine did in my '77. When I tore open the motor, I saw lot's of wear to the valve train, the cam, the rockers, the valve seats, etc. The crank was OK but the pistons were not in very good shape. And this was on a motor I had recently driven back from Colorado to Michigan -- 1200 miles at 75MPH cruising.

I would guess most origional motors have similar problems. If anybody knows of info on what to watch out for, what to replace and generally how to keep these old motors happy, suggest it in the box at the bottom of the page.

- Paul Nowak

Web Pages Featuring Stock 302
  Bronco Engine Specs
Engine codes, HP, torque, oil pressure specs, and compression ratio for 1966-77 Broncos.
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N8's 351w and engine info page
Installing a carb 351W into a 1973 Bronco in place of a stock 302. Nothing fancy here but a nice job.
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302 Rebuild
"This is my engine. It's a Ford 302 V8 engine. The block is bored 0.30 over and the crankshaft bearings are 0.10 oversize. The camshaft is a Crane 260deg, and the heads are of an old 289. "
Open in new window:

Vacuum Diagrams - National Version  Pictures
A large JPG image file that has hade a little bit of helpful additional labeling done on it.
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Vacuum Diagrams - California Version  Pictures
A large JPG file with some additional notes added. Helpful.
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Bronco VIN Plate and Specs Info   Pictures
An image file containing Bronco VIN Plate codes and vehicle specs. Hit the "previous page" and "next page" buttons for more info. Lot's of info. This is page 3 of 4.
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